Why Choose HealthPro?

Don’t ask us…ask our clients what they have to say about us! Here’s what some of them are saying:

HealthPro helped me to start a pathology practice when I knew next to nothing about how to set prices, be credentialed with insurance plans, and set up a business. Without HealthPro, I would have failed. I have been with HealthPro for over 25 years, and I have never had a reason to look anywhere else.

Robert Stewart, MD

Our experience with HealthPro has been exceptional.

One of the best benefits of using HealthPro’s services is the difference it has made to our bottom-line. The more accurate and specific codes that we are receiving from HealthPro has improved the reimbursement levels for our practices and subsequently boosted our revenue as well.

Paula Hanig, CPC, Owner

With HealthPro, we now have the power to go to the table with insurers. And we leverage that information to renegotiate better contracts with payors and increase our billing.

Mark Benson, MD

It’s unusual to deal with business people who aren’t your partners who are this trustworthy. I have complete faith in them. They’ve never given me an opportunity to doubt them.

John Ewonus, DO

A lot of billing companies go after the 80% of receivables that are easy, and then move on. Even though it’s my money! HealthPro goes after the remaining, difficult-to-get 20%.

Darlene Weyer, DO

What does HealthPro do that makes me want to work with them? They keep their word.

Hassan Semaan, MD

HealthPro keeps us informed of what is happening in the industry so we can make appropriate decisions and timely changes as needed.

Jonathan Bielefeld, MD

One of HealthPro’s strengths is that it is big enough to be able to have the proper resources to perform, but small enough to be able to be responsive and have a high degree of attention to detail and service. HealthPro cut our Days in AR in half. Our bad debt write-offs were reduced by over 30%.

Laura Spinelli, MD