The Noose is Tightening

Trust or Not, but Verify!

Cash receipts are likely dropping for many physicians this quarter due to failure to qualify for quality measures via PQRS in 2016. (Payment for 2018 claims will be reduced for physicians failing to meet the quality Financial statement measures.) Don’t wait until the end of this quarter or worse, later this year, to find out if your billing provider or in-house process was not on top of your claim filings. If they missed qualifying you for quality measures then, what else may be miscoded, misfiled, not filed or any number of other irregularities.

The noose is tightening as Medicare and Commercial Payors alike seek to reduce their healthcare expenditures. Little by little, they add complexities to the billing process and unless you have a professional team working closely to partner with you, you are likely losing more money than you realize.

It’s never been more important to verify, whether you trust your billing process or not.

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