Knowledge Is Power

Our data mining and reporting services give you the power to make better-informed decisions for your practice and can give you the upper hand in payor contract negotiations. We have robust reporting capabilities and can deliver information to you on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or special-case basis—whatever suits your needs. Thinking about purchasing a new piece of equipment or whether to expand or introduce a service? Consulting your practice data can ensure that you go in with your eyes wide open to the potential upside and challenges the opportunity presents to your bottom line.

We provide you with data you can really use; in a format that’s easy to understand and conforms to industry definitions and best practices where appropriate. And better yet, we’ll walk you through it so you understand exactly how it applies to your business and what you’re trying to accomplish.

  • Technology-driven, robust data mining and reporting
  • Provide reports that identify net dollars you receive on average for every Relative Value Unit (RVU) of service that you perform, which is more accurate than the common Revenue Per Procedure (RPP) methodology
  • Net Revenue per RVU reveals a much truer picture of your billing company’s performance
  • Many reports are based on RBMA definitions although we have a number of reports that go beyond the scope of RBMA’s standard practice management reports
  • Reports and data segments are customizable per your unique needs