HealthPro Dashboard: Performance at Your Fingertips

Reports, graphs and charts can be colorful and appealing. But do they have SUBSTANCE? Do they provide you the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need to manage your practice?

Dashboards may have all the “bells and whistles” but if the underlying data is not built with accuracy and integrity, your ability to assess your practice and use the data to make sound business decisions is compromised from the outset. HealthPro provides the two essential elements for the business analytics confidence you need:

  • Integrity in the processes, policies, procedures, and systems maintained for the delivery of accurate data
  • User friendly access to state-of-the-art technology designed to help maximize your practice’s performance
HealthPro Dashboard

Make fact based decisions, negotiate more favorable payor contracts and hold your billing services accountable when you have access to reliable data. HealthPro’s Dashboard gives you a high-level overview of your practice’s Executive Summary data and provides drill down to specific details. View the day-to-day Practice Snapshot metrics and KPIs along with comparative trends to previous time periods where historical data exists. Get access to the following critical performance elements you deserve:

  • Gross Receipts Received
  • Current Receipt per Procedure
  • Current Receipt per RVU
  • Gross Charges Performed
  • CPT Units Performed
  • Total RVUs
  • Average Gross Charge per Procedure
  • Accounts Receivable Summary
  • Days in Accounts Receivable

View performance trends of your gross charges, receipts per RVU, and receipts per procedure on your Snapshot along with your average charge per procedure. In addition, a vast array of periodic standard and customized reports are available to equip you with decision making tools. The Reports Inbox contains reports that are automatically generated including RVU productivity reports and practice management reports based on your needs to help you make educated, data integrity based decisions.

How Data Integrity is Achieved:

  • Attention to detail to ensure nothing is missed so your practice receives full revenue earned
  • 100% reconciliation of receiving all of the services you provided
  • Performance measures for every revenue cycle work flow process
  • 100% reconciliation to the penny of your receipts to your bank account
  • Genuine care and compassion for our physician clients of every practice size
  • 100% certified coding staff
  • A dedicated, living compliance program
  • 100% US-based staff of dedicated HealthPro employees
  • Proven, results-focused performance