We Work ALL of Your Claims

For some medical billing companies, just working 80% of claims is good enough. They go after the low-hanging fruit and leave the rest behind. Unfortunately, that other 20% is potential revenue that you’ll never see. We file 100% of your claims as a matter of practice. Rejections are identified and filed. Denials are effectively managed based on payor and denial type mix, identifying and analyzing trends and taking corrective steps – without exception. Your job is to take care of your patients; ours is taking care of your claims.

  • All claims filed daily
  • Our Claims Analysis Department perform payor validation and internal control functions to monitor for deviations in payor patterns, irregularities in payor payment schedules, and other areas
  • All claims—including rejections are filed; all denials are effectively managed by our team
  • To ensure efficiency and timeliness, we file all of our claims electronically
    • Electronic claims are submitted to a number of entities including Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS entities, and our clearinghouse services