Keeping Up with Your Money

Our cash management workflow is governed by segregated policies and procedures including industry standard reconciliation processes. Our leadership team includes a CPA, and many of our financial service specialists have degrees in accounting. You can rest assured that the people looking after your money are carefully trained, educated, experienced and know what they’re doing. We effectively manage 100% of denied claims to ensure revenue optimization and have proven processes in place that track the aging of accounts and trigger appropriate responses when necessary. We give you the flexibility to choose how your payments are processed (in-house or lock box). All electronic payments from government and commercial payors are deposited directly to your bank account. We will set up a patient portal that allows your patients to pay online. It’s your money, we help you get it faster and more efficiently.

  • CPA-led Accounts Receivable Management team
  • 100% of denials are effectively managed based on payor and denial type mix
  • Claims with no response from the payor are┬áreviewed by payor class and address to avoid timely filing limits
  • A statement, a pre-collect letter, and a final notice are generated for each claim with a patient balance and sent to the guarantor to provide them with adequate notice of the status of their account
    • 15 days after a final notice is issued the account is written off to an outside collection agency of your choice
  • Aging and progress of accounts provided in monthly reports are reviewed by both our Client Services and Account management teams as well as included in your monthly reports
  • All payments posted within one business day of receipt
  • Payments from government and commercial payors use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to deposit them from the payor directly to your bank account
  • Patient portal for accepting online payments 24/7