Claims Denial Resources

The profitability of your practice often depends on the claims denial rate.

To help you understand why claims get denied — and what you can do about it — check out the links below.


Key Statistics

According to data released in 2011 by the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA), hospital-based radiology practices across the country only collect an average of 79.4% of the money they’ve earned.


Interview: Confessions of a Radiology Insurance Claims Processor

HealthPro recently interviewed an experienced insurance company veteran. Our anonymous claims processor, who we’ll call Lauren, was on the receiving end of insurance claims submitted by radiology and pathology practices (among others).

Lauren shared her insights into electronic claim processing errors, ABN’s, appeals and precertifications.

You may be surprised to learn that physicians can make some simple fixes to avoid denied claims.

Read our Claims Denier Interview (and Top 5 Insider Tips to Avoiding Denied Claims) for more…


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