Your HealthPro Revenue Lifelines

If you’re not getting paid every dollar you’ve earned, your practice is in trouble and you need help. Fast. Based on our decades of experience, we’ve pinpointed seven areas of vulnerability within the billing process that can cost your practice money. But identifying potential problem areas is just the beginning. Not only can we can help you find out where you’re most vulnerable, we have the team, tools, and expertise to rescue your lost revenues while solving the issues to make your practice stronger and more profitable moving forward.

Better billing is within reach. Grab onto your HealthPro Revenue Lifelines and put our experience to work for you!


Preventing lost revenues by working 100% of claims and effectively managing denials

For some medical billing companies, just working 80% of claims is good enough. They go after the low-hanging fruit and leave the rest behind. Unfortunately, that other 20% is potential revenue that you’ll never see. We work 100% of your claims as a matter of practice. Rejections are filed and denials are effectively managed by our team. Your job is to take care of your patients; ours is taking care of your claims.

Protecting your business with payor validation

When it comes to knowing where your money is, there’s no room for speculation. Our claims analysis department regularly performs payor validation and internal control functions so you always know what’s going on with your money. Our routine audits and real-time and periodic validation processes provide a reliable safety net that catches anything out of the ordinary so it can be fixed before something goes wrong. It’s a failsafe system that we’ve developed and refined over the course of decades, and it’s the best way we know of to protect your business.

Getting you ALL the money you’ve earned
with on-point coding services.

Accurate and thoughtful coding is the backbone of effective medical billing. To make sure you get the money you’ve earned, your coding has to account for every procedure performed and then coincide with precise diagnoses that validate them. Our certified coders specialize in our clients’ practice areas and are careful to review dictation to ensure proper coding and compliance, mitigate risk, and produce maximum revenues legitimately.