Our Physician Group is Dysfunctional! 5 Steps to Transform Your Physician Group.

Common statements we hear from practicing radiologists and pathologists:

  • Our group can’t agree on anything. (We can’t even agree on food!)
  • No one understands the importance of our relationship to our hospital(s).
  • Some of my partners only care about money and time off!
  • Our schedule is unfair.
  • We waste our time on unproductive, no, useless meetings.
  • We don’t know if we’re getting all the money we should or not.
  • … (Add your own list from here!)

Forging consensus and direction is vital. Now more than ever. Gone are days where the hospital or referring physicians were totally at the mercy as to how you want to practice. Now, they demand virtual immediate turnaround times, 24/7/365 coverage, top tier quality, and extraordinary people skills with techs and patients.What is generally missing is strong leadership. Here are five specific steps you can take to begin the transformation process from dysfunctional to vital and effective:

1. Identify the real leader. Leadership is not a position. Great physician groups identify the person who can best represent the group internally and externally and who accepts the mantle of leadership.

2. Establish a clear vision and purpose. Most groups never take the time to chart a course. Assess and promote your healthcare organization’s unique qualities and expertise in serving an individual community.

3. Develop a specific multi-year plan. Especially in the midst of uncertain times, you need a direction and a plan and even if you don’t reach your goals, following an agreed-upon plan has a tremendous effect on an organization’s esprit de corps and success.

4. Set one-year goals and fully commit to attaining them. Once the plan is established, cease analyzing and trying to change it on the fly. Commit fully to trying to reach the goals. Many solid plans are derailed or destroyed because of second guessing and inaction. Act!

5. Trust and respect. Take on the perspective that most people, including physicians and staff members, really do want what’s best for everyone and to provide great services and it may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sometimes we make things too complex. Getting a group of brilliant people (which physicians are) to move forward together can be enhanced by making it and keeping it simple. Reducing the initiatives to these 5 attributes can be transformative if you embrace them and commit to them.

By fully accepting the responsibility of a physician leader, you can help positively influence the work environment in which you spend the majority of your waking hours.


While our primary purpose and mission is revenue cycle management, our leaders have decades of physician practice management experience. Call 419-223-3326 for a free consultation, up to 1 hour with either John Stiles, Brendala Anspaugh or Don Rodden. We will gladly sign any reasonable confidentiality agreement and dialogue with you further about how you can lead your group in a transformative direction.


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