HealthPro visits with White House, CMS and Capitol Hill

HealthPro visits with White House, CMS and Capitol Hill

Giving back to HBMA and the Revenue Cycle Management industry is one of HealthPro’s key objectives. Last week, one of our principals, Don Rodden, accompanied the HBMA’s Government Relations Committee and HBMA leadership in a two-day visit to CMS headquarters in Baltimore and key legislative staff at the White House and Senate and House Committee members on Capitol Hill.  Don stated:

“We have invested over 15 years to build relationships of trust and communication pathways to represent the industry well.  Our meetings last week demonstrated the value of allowing CMS staff and legislators to see HBMA as peers and collaborators who truly support the healthcare industry vs. self-focused lobbyists with which they so often have to deal.”

The outcomes of the meetings will be published in the near future to HBMA members, but some of the areas we were able to address and have meaningful dialogue about included:

  • Access to MIPS by billing entity representatives, not just Eligible Clinicians
  • Specific administrative burden reduction opportunities
  • Revalidation process improvements
  • Electronic claim attachments
  • Actively reducing Medicare Local Coverage Determinations
  • And many more…

If you’re not currently an HBMA member but these issues are relevant to you, we encourage you to consider joining and accessing their many tremendous resources.  One of which, will be a detailed summary of our meetings last week and critical things you need to know to improve your billing process.

Meeting at Capitol Hill

*This group photo of HBMA representatives was taken in a historic room at the White House.  The Secretary of State previously occupied this room as his office and it was the room in which he was notified that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. 

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