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HealthPro promotes new Director of Business Development:  Karen Perts, Director of Patient Accounts Services has been promoted to Director of Business Development.  April 2013 »

Successfully Navigating Denied Claims: Karen Perts, Director of Account Management & Patient Account Services along with Cherie Puthoff, Director of Coding at HealthPro provide ways you can minimize denials and optimize revenues that are relatively easy to implement and very effective. Read the full article in Imaging Economics
March 2013 »

How to get a good deal in payer contract negotiations: John Stiles, principal at HealthPro Medical Billing , shares how physicians can take an active role in contract negotiations to help their practices get the best deals with commercial insurance providers that can dramatically affect overall profitability in the long term. Read the full article at
March 2013 »

Eight Common Reimbursement Leaks: HealthPro’s Don Rodden provides 8 steps to find and fix common holes in your medical billing and collect more revenue. Read the full article in Radiology Today
December 2012 »

Envisioning the Future and Defining Yours: Radiology Over the Horizon: Don Rodden addresses the messages radiologists (and other physicians) are constantly bombarded with about their future and how practical wisdom can keep radiologists on course for success. Read the full article in the RBMA Bulletin
Nov/Dec 2012 »

5 Tips for Improving Radiology Billing and Coding: Cherie Puthoff, Director of Coding at HealthPro shares five tips to help radiologists keep their billing and coding processes on track. Read the full article in Diagnostic Imaging
October 2012 »

Don Rodden Interview With Radiology Today: HealthPro’s Don Rodden discusses the ICD-10 delay.
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