What Our Clients Are Saying

We can go on and on about how good we are at what we do and all the ways we can help you grow revenues and practice efficiency, but at the end of the day, we know that we’re really only as good as our clients say we are. Here, you can get an idea of how a HealthPro partnership can work for you by seeing what our clients have to say. These are real HealthPro clients with real-world experience in practices just like yours.

“HealthPro helped me to start a pathology practice when I knew next to nothing about how to set prices, be credentialed with insurance plans, and set up a business. Without HealthPro, I would have failed. I have been with HealthPro for over 25 years, and I have never had a reason to look anywhere else.”
   – Robert Stewart, M.D.

“What does HealthPro do that makes me want to work with them? They keep their word.”
   – Hassan Semaan, M.D.

“With HealthPro, we now have the power to go to the table with insurers. And we leverage that information to renegotiate better contracts with payors and increase our billing.”
   – Mark Benson, M.D.

“It’s unusual to deal with business people who aren’t your partners who are this trustworthy. I have complete faith in them. They’ve never given me an opportunity to doubt them.”
   – John Ewonus, D.O.

“After three years of instability and change with a big national company, we had enough. In the first year after we switched to HealthPro, we had a 27% revenue increase on increased volume of only 5%.”
   – Eric Bostick, M.D.

“A lot of billing companies go after the 80% of receivables that are easy, and then move on. Even though it’s my money! HealthPro goes after the remaining, difficult-to-get 20%.”
   – Darlene Weyer, D.O.