What We’re All About

Exceeding expectations is our way of life at HealthPro. Seriously, these aren’t just words to us. Our goal is to truly distinguish ourselves from the competition and for you to say “WOW” over and over again throughout our partnership. We want to be your trusted advisor, and promise always to work at strengthening that relationship. Our experience, knowledge, and fierce dedication to quality and customer service drive everything we do, and it shows.

From the very beginning, you’ll notice tangible improvements in your business in areas like increased revenues, efficiency, and process quality. But it’s after the initial honeymoon period that you’ll really see the difference. You’ll find that we don’t just impact your billing, but other areas as well. The data that we provide through our proprietary billing processes, reporting and dashboard will help you see the entire business side of your practice in a new light. For our clients, it’s like their eyes open up to really see their businesses for the first time and then they rely on us to deliver critical insight for their practice. It’s because we take the time to analyze this crucial data and guide you through it to find new avenues for growth and improvement. Our team of experienced, trusted experts provides friendly, personalized attention to each client.

Whether it’s our commitment to filing every single claim, following up on each rejection and effectively managing all denials—or the insightful advice we provide that allows you the ability to better manage and grow your practice, exceeding your expectations each and every day is what we’re all about.