Put Your Experience and Integrity to Work

At HealthPro, our success is fully dependent on the service and results we provide our clients and the integrity we demonstrate along the way. Because building and maintaining client trust is essential to our business, we seek out talented medical billing professionals who share our commitment to quality and honesty. So if you’re looking for a team that will value your professional skills as well as your personal integrity, you may have a future with us.

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Why Work at HealthPro?

Our associates were recently surveyed to find out what attributes they feel makes HealthPro the employer of choice. Here are some of the responses we received.

“I believe HealthPro cares about their employees and respects and recognizes their individual contributions to the company. I like how HealthPro involves employees in events such as the Christmas party, carry-ins and wellness events. HealthPro’s morals and values towards their clients and employees as well as their positive outlook make them an employer of choice.”

“HealthPro has a work environment that is caring, flexible, team-oriented, work/life balanced, family-oriented, hardworking employees and compassionate about their employees and clients.”

“I appreciate the concern that HealthPro has for their clients and employees alike. There is a culture of success for all at HealthPro.”

“Remote access and providing coders with their CEUs is a big factor in obtaining and retaining excellent coding team members.”

“I am more than happy with my employment with HealthPro. My supervisor is more than helpful to meet any needs. HealthPro is very professional in all areas concerning employees and clients.”

“I believe the company attributes that make HealthPro Medical Billing the employer of choice is the great teamwork and team building skills that are invested into each employee. Even as a remote employee, I am made to feel valuable to the company and part of a team. Also, the integrity and professionalism among the leadership is above industry standards and sets the company apart from the rest.”

“Some things that help HealthPro stand out from previous places that I have been employed is the ability to shift my time when needed and work from home. Another attribute is the management team. I believe a major key to work enjoyment is people put in place to manage employees and resources. I believe the company is full of administrators that genuinely care about the employees and their wellbeing. It is an attribute that originates at the top and is filtered down into each department.”

Exceeding the Expectations of Our Clients

We facilitate an atmosphere of superior client service at HealthPro, and we asked our associates how they feel we exceed our clients’ expectations.

“HealthPro has highly skilled and trained professionals that track the changing medical billing industry and keep clients informed of these changes especially in areas that impact revenue.”

“I believe that best services that HealthPro has is the knowledge and attentiveness of its employees. The employees have a great depth of knowledge in our industry which helps us give the best service to our clients. Also, our employees are very attentive in their roles. If something is off with as much as one tiny item, it is adjusted and corrected for our clients.”

“We continuously monitor with edit programs and peer review; we keep up-to-date with the latest and best informational material and provide it to the employees. I also appreciate the fact that when questions/issues are presented with billing reports, everyone involved goes above and beyond to resolve the issue. I believe this assures the clients will receive maximum reimbursement.”

“I think HealthPro meets or exceeds clients’ expectations by staying current on all the new coding guidelines, maintaining a high confidentiality standard and having very knowledgeable employees who are willing to go above and beyond to meet the clients’ needs.”

“HealthPro does the client a great service in its efforts to improve dictation through Dictation Opportunities and other feedback to allow them to maximize the return for the services that they provide.”

“We offer excellent patient services, care and compassion for each patient every time.”

“We developed a new online client portal.”

“Going well above and beyond to meet the clients’ needs and treating each client as if we worked directly for them.”

“I see how much time and work goes into the reporting information we provide to our clients. We are very responsive to client requests and work hard to ensure the reports going out include correct and useful information.”